Founded in 2009, the Department of Zoology, Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya, Bilaspur, C.G. has been one of the leading departments started after the upgradation of the University from state to central. The department provides up-to-date teaching and help the young mind to generate new scientific approached and critical thinking. The Department of Zoology aims to promote discovery and learning at all levels of biological organization that includes molecular, cellular, organismal, population, ecosystem and economics of the subject. Our course curriculum reflects the importance of strong disciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches in research and teaching. Faculty members strive for excellence and synergy in well-coordinated programs of teaching, research, and service to the students to contribute to society and international community. Department clearly emphasizes on biological literacy in its teaching and outreach programs. The departmental library contains a large number of books in all the major areas of the subject. Incorporation of Animal Behaviour, Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, Neurosciences, Biochemistry and molecular biology etc. in teaching has kept the department up-front. The growth and diversity in teaching has been made possible because of the progressive and competitive faculty with their diverse research areas like physiology and molecular biology, toxicology, hormonal control of reproduction and body rhythms, fish physiology that inspires creative research. This level of growth and progress has been possible largely due to development of technical expertise and creation of state-of-the-art laboratories through a number of individual research projects to the faculty. Main focus of the department is to promote the academic and research activities as well as to improve our understanding about living organisms, including their environments. Major research focus of the department is in the field of Fish Biology, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Neuroendocrinology and Reproduction, and Toxicology. In addition, department also received DST's FIST support during 2022-2023 which is the most substantial achievement of the Department in research and teaching. The scientific merit of the faculty has been recognised through various honours and awards time to time. The faculty members have been serving on editorial boards of various journals in their domains of expertise and as members of national and international decision making bodies that formulate general policy/plans on research and education.

Vision of Department

We thrive to maintain a rigorous and comprehensive teaching curriculum to inculcate problem solving and analytical abilities in our students. Our focus is that the course curriculum should have broad applicability and foster the ability to adapt to the changing world of animal sciences. We have introduced field learning component in our teaching program that has helped our students to learn biological science skills in compelling ways. A series of lectures, workshops and service activities are promoted at all the levels by the department. The Department of Zoology was one of the first departments to be established by Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya after its up gradation to the status of central university in the year 2009. Presently, the department has grown into a full-fledged center of teaching and research excellence in field of animal biology.

Mission of Department

Main focus of the Department is to promote the academic and research activities as well as improve our understanding about living organisms, including their evolution, and their environments. Student's performance is assessed throughout the semester by a continuous system of internal assessments, seminars, assignments, project reports and end-semester examinations. The Department's main focus is in developing experimental skills through live experimental designs, both by UG and PG students. The Department has teaching programs which focuses on the uniformity principles of molecular and cellular mechanisms which amalgamates very nicely with the classical aspects of the subject. We are fostering a new research program that will facilitate the translational research, bringing clinicians and basic researchers together and providing a new dimension to the ongoing research activities of the department.

Achievements of Department

Teaching faculties of the department regularly present and shared their research work at various national and international conferences and publishes their research findings in peer reviewed international and national journals of repute. Collections of important findings are also submitted for patenting. Bringing laurels to the department and the university many research as well as post graduate students of the department received prestigious awards from various national and international scientific bodies.