DST FIST Sponsored Department - The Department of Botany has come into existence in 2009. The vision of the Department is to impart quality education to undergraduate, post-graduate students and for promoting research in the area of Botany. Department is also going to start certificate courses in broad areas like skill enhancement which will lead to capacity building in the young brains. The Department has grown into a well-recognized Centre for higher learning and research in Plant Sciences. It has the expertise to attend all the aspects of teaching and research on plants. The Department has five broad specialization, viz., Ecology & Environmental Biology, Natural Resource Utilization, Ethnobotany & Pharmacognosy, Microbiology and Microbial Technology and Plant Systematics. The Department has a well-stocked library with more than 3000 books and over 150 online scientific journals, which caters to the research needs of the faculty and the students. The aim of the department is to provide quality education to the educationally under privileged tribal children of the Chhattisgarh state, which has been successfully fulfilled by the Department.
The Department has been operating several research projects funded by various national and international agencies. The faculty members of the department have produced high quality research publications in reputed national and international journals. The Department has over 300 quality research publications since the inception. The faculty members have specializations in different disciplines such as Microbiology and Microbial Technology, Stress physiology; Plant Biotechnology; Ecology and Environmental Biology, Plant diversity and Conservation, Ethnobotany and Plant systematics etc. The research activities of the department are spread over different laboratories; each faculty supervising variable number of research students for Ph. D. degree.
There are 28 doctoral students and one post-doctoral fellow who constitute the core working group in these laboratories. The departmental laboratories are equipped with the advanced instrumentation facilities which include Photo-microscopy with Leica (DM200) digital Microscopes, Kjeldhal, Phytotron etc. Moreover, the department also extends facilities of Spectrophotometer, PAM analyser, Air sampler etc. The Department is planning to establish a Botanical Garden and a Medicinal plants Garden in the campus of the University. The Botanical Garden shall house rare, threatened, endemic and medicinal plants of Chhattisgarh to provide excellent opportunity for the postgraduate students and research scholars for experimentation and for further study on plants.

Vision of Department

The vision of the Department of Botany is to conduct innovative research and quality teaching on Plants and their related environments.
To develop wellbeing of the common man through the study of Botany.
To prepare students for vast knowledge of plants applicable from different angles of their life.
To focus and explain on broad spectrum of modern trends in Botanical studies.
To develop a centre of knowledge of Botany for vast circulation of knowledge among the students.

Mission of Department

Our mission is to create an environment of excellence by attracting students which further support to achieve our mission.
Mission also focus on the study of Botany including its different areas such as Plant Diversity, Ecology and Environment, Plant Systematics, Plant Anatomy, Lower Plants, Economic Botany and Plant Embryology etc.
To apply all possible tools to understand plants life, its utility for development of human resource.
To develop human resource with expertise in frontier areas of Botany.
To establish collaboration with eminent institutes for betterment of the students for their further teaching and research in the area of Botany.
To create awareness about plants utilization and for conservation of Biodiversity.
To update knowledge in the latest science and technology associated with Botany.
To understand the significance and scope of Botany.
To develop a scientific attitude among students open minded, critical and curious.
To aware the students for natural resources, environment and for Biodiversity.

Achievements of Department

DST FIST Sponsored Department/SR/FST/LS-I/2023/1188, 30 Oct. 2023